Thursday, 11 January 2018

Knitting decisions, decisions...

Listen up folks, I am on to the gorgeous yarn in my stash but I can't find the right patterns for the right yarn and now I am in a right muddle. 

I have this blue cotton yarn in a hand dye that needs some thought especially as it has no details on it so gauge wise I have no idea. Yardage is a bit shaky too. I am thinking this cuff to cuff knit would be forgiving for the dye variation but have the feeling 100% cotton might go baggy.

I also have some Drops Nepal in camel in a limited amount but I can get more. I know this is lovely because my mum knit me my favourite Aftur jumper in this last January for my birthday. It hand washes well and is so cosy to wear. 

Finally, I have heaps of 4ply Aruacania in a variegated colourway, 14 100g balls in fact but, can't match the right pattern to the yarn requirements.

On the pattern horizon I have singled out these lovelies from my Ravelry favourite list as well as the cuff to cuff sweater from the magazine.

Ankers Sweater  - This uses DK or fingering held double so I could use the Aruacania held double but not sure on gauge if I do that.
So Faded top down sweater - Aruacania would work here too I think but again need to check gauge. This pattern is for 4ply 
Beatnik - For the Drops Nepal but I just don't know if my knitting sessions in the evenings can hold concentration enough to make it but I really love this sweater. I don't have enough yarn for it but it is still on the list because I could get more.

Teal Colourblock Sweater - This is also on my list for the drops camel but I need to get a couple of balls of cream to make it and I want something to knit right now.

Two nights later.....

Finally, after a few nights of swatching I have found out that if I hold the 4ply Aruacania double I get a spot on gauge for the Ankers Sweater. After making tension squares I tie knots in the cast off tail to show the whole mm and knots in the cast on tail for increments of 0.25 then, that way, if it is a while between when I made the swatch to casting on I can remember what needles to use. 

 Welcome to my latest knitting WIP.

Added to my pick up and go knit.

Along with my latest crochet make.

Really enjoying yarn work at the moment. Will you be rhythmically tangling wool this week?

Jo xxx


  1. The Beatnik is absolutely gorgeous, as is he Ankers sweater. But really, all are very nice and would suit you. 14 balls of 100 g yarn... that's as jumper for you and each of the girls, at least! I have been feeling the itch to cast on something new... I am suffering from an sore forearm, all the hand quilting and I can't do much at all at the moment but knitting is not too painful. I am going to look at the Ankers pattern now (instead of working). Machine sewing is best. I have already deviated from my sewing plans detailed last week and printed out a different pattern! Have fun knitting! x

  2. I love them all, I haven't done any knitting for a long while but I found a pattern last week that may have tempted me back to the needles.

  3. Your knot idea is so clever!! (Your turn = 3.75!)
    I love that yarn - it is just like mine that I'm knitting my shawl with! (Which you meantioned to me.) Those colours are so beautiful, I can't wait to watch your jumper progress! x

  4. All of those patterns are wonderful and your yarn is gorgeous. I am in the search for the perfect pattern for three yarns I have in sweater amounts. It is so exhausting trying to pick out the perfect one.